DLE Holiday Kitchen Traditions Cookbook: 2021 Edition Download

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Elegant in design. Exquisite in culinary offerings. The DLE Holiday Kitchen Traditions Cookbook features beautiful photos of nearly 40 recipes cleanly formatted for ease of use.

A perfect addition to your culinary collection, this kitchen resource has been hailed a “real treasure” in the rave reviews of its readers. Recipes cover the gourmet gamut from appetizers to entrees, relishes, desserts and smoothies. Here’s a sample of the savory selections:

• Snowman Salmon Spread
• Chorizo & Avocado Fat Bombs
• Lentils & Spaghetti
• Maple Cheese Fondue
• Chen Family’s Chinese New Year Dumplings
• Black & White Pancake Cake
• Flancocho

The 2021 Edition is updated with divine recipes that illuminate the multi-cultural richness of our community. Download your PDF copy to carve new memories and crave new tastings.



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