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Are you aware of the Gen Z job readiness crisis?

Refusing to be a spectator, Dulye & Co. has launched Show Up, Speak Up, Step Up: Job Readiness Training for Gen Z.

Our training delivers the fundamental interpersonal and communication skills to successfully transition from campus to office.

Participants will gain knowledge and techniques that improve the essential communication and interpersonal skills for success in the workplace. Discover how we bring out the best in Gen Z by visiting

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Are you looking for ways to improve your resume? Read one of this month`s Hot Reads articles for tips on showcasing skills to help you project your best. Click the link in our bio to access the HUB and view our latest collection of resources. ...

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Congratulations to DLE member Allison Schmitt for starting a new position at EforAll Berkshire County. Allison began two years ago as the Program Manager and was recently promoted to Executive Director. She discusses steps that she took to move up within her company, preparing for the interview process, and more in the latest HUB newsletter. Click the link in our bio to read her full interview feature. ...

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In this month’s HUB newsletter, former DLE intern Ronak Parida shares how his experience with the DLE paved the way for his success in a summer role with General Electric.

Ronak reflects, “Much of the work I did for GE was communicating directly with customers over email, and the DLE reinforced that aspect of reaching out to people in a cordial manner very well.”

The DLE is proud to have helped with Ronak’s professional development and can’t wait to see what`s next for him. Read the full article by clicking the link in our bio.

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Here`s a sneak peek of our upcoming workshop with wellness expert Julie Haagenson, CPC, M. Ed. 

Join us October 11th at 5:15 PM ET to learn how you can transform stress and improve your mental fitness.

Only 15 virtual seats remain—so act fast! Register today with the link in our bio.

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Do you want to learn how to transform stress into a powerful tool? Discover how to pause, reset, and respond the way you want to as a leader?

Register now for an interactive workshop to convert your stress into positive energy with wellness expert Julie Haagenson, CPC, M. Ed. Julie will share techniques for building the skills and mindsets to hack the stress cycle and improve mental fitness.

Less than half of the 45 virtual seats remain! Don’t wait—click the link in our bio to reserve yours today.

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Ending the week on a high note and congratulating DLE mentor Marc Williams for reaching the Toastmasters International Speech Competition Finals! Marc won the semi-finals round with his speech “Circles,” earning him a spot at the finale.

Marc states, “I delivered a message that won over the crowd. And now my next step is to evolve my speeches into training programs.”

The DLE can`t wait to see what`s next for Marc and wishes him all the best.

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Whether in person or through virtual technology, interviews can open the door to a new career opportunity or…not. What threatens your confidence? That’s what we’re exploring in the latest DLE 10-Second Poll.

This month’s question is: What is the biggest factor that makes you nervous about a job interview? Click the link in our bio to cast your vote!

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DLE President and Founder Linda Dulye and DLE member Anna Worley recently had the opportunity to coach 19 STEM scholarship winners at the 2023 BETA Program sponsored by the Berkshire Innovation Center. Linda and Anna’s workshop focused on communication and networking skills to help students confidently project their best, connect with others, and transition from their academic career to vocation. Click the link in our bio to read more in the latest HUB. ...

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Take a look at the results of the latest DLE Poll exploring everyday challenges. Nearly half of respondents—49%—indicated that stress overload was a major barrier.

Join us October 11 for an interactive workshop with Julie Haagenson, CPC, M. Ed., where you will learn how to improve your wellbeing and build your mental fitness. Only half of the 45 virtual seats remain! Register now with the link in our bio.

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