What We Do

In 2020, the DLE responded to the isolating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with its largest offerings of skills workshops, networking exchanges, instructional videos and career coaching.

Switching from in-person to virtual platforms enabled us to connect over 300 multi-generational professionals in more than 20 states. Responding to their reverberating requests for more networking and learning opportunities, we produced 66 distinct programs and workshops—a 472% increase over the prior year.

Despite escalating operational costs to support this surge, membership to the DLE is free, as is registration for most programs. This is a rarity in professional development organizations that is made possible through the sustained underwriting of program founder, Linda Dulye. The Dulye Leadership Experience is a philanthropic entity, wholly owned by Linda’s consulting firm, Dulye & Co., which is based in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

Our 2021 professional development opportunities include:

  • Virtual and in-person professional development and networking programs that expand critical skills and connections for career success
  • Outreach through volunteer projects that improve the communities where we live and work
  • The HUB newsletter that showcases members’ success stories and ready-to-use tools and tips for growth and wellbeing
  • A YouTube Learning Collection of videos and podcasts on timely and pressing topics, including:
    • Create a Workplace Culture Where People Want to Stay
    • The Healing Power of Compliments
    • Preparing for the Path of Promotion: Practical Tips for Moving Up
    • How Getting Active Can Affect Your Mental Drive
    • Leading Regardless of Title: Keeping Yourself and Your Peers Accountable
    • Are Your Unconscious Assumptions Holding You Back?
    • Why Your Networking is Not Working
    • The Power of Curiosity
    • How to Develop a Strong Personal Brand
    • Taking on Toxic Culture


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club offers a varied format that ranges from free-flow conversations spontaneously inspired by participants’ interests to facilitated Q&A sessions and interviews with entrepreneurial guest speakers. Held monthly at 7:00 AM ET on Fridays, the hour-long program features dynamic, real-time exchanges. Practice skills, seek advice and gain learning resources while meeting like-minded professionals in a welcoming and supportive environment that quickly builds community between newcomers and regulars. Participants from across the country enthusiastically share their experiences about moving forward in uncertainty across diverse industries, organizations and vocations.

Culture Chat

The DLE Culture Chat is a business-oriented open forum that examines changes and challenges in today’s unpredictable workplace. Held monthly at Noon ET on Fridays, this 60-minute program engages multiple perspectives through a moderated format that promotes respectful conversations with actionable takeaways. Designed for greater interactivity than a webinar, the program unites accomplished professionals from various backgrounds. The range of topics is extensive, and includes virtual collaboration, mentorship, workplace inclusiveness, career pivots and dealing with toxic culture.

Ownership Workshop

National experts share their research, tools and playbooks in high impact training programs, designed to expand your capability to lead, inspire and achieve career ownership. Question and answer opportunities supplement formal presentations to help you gain the critical skills that you’ll need for advancing in tomorrow’s evolving workplace.

YouTube Channel

This 24/7 learning platform is regularly expanded with podcasts and videos that reinforce the essential skills and leadership behaviors for career success. Content is curated from weekly DLE programs. Topics are timely and the tips can be put into practice immediately. Grow your network by connecting with the DLE’s accessible guest speakers.

HUB Newsletter

Stay in the know about the DLE’s distinctive professional development programs and extraordinary community by subscribing to our official newsletter, the HUB. With fresh content prepared biweekly, the HUB serves up opportunities to make new connections, sharpen critical skills, attend a special event and share stories about career and life transitions. Your subscription is automatic when you complete a complimentary DLE membership form.

Career Counseling

Career guidance, behavior assessments, resume development and interview preparation are available upon request. Through one-on-one consultations and personal action plans, members gain self-awareness and accountability for achieving career ownership. We regularly assist members in their application process for law school and MBA programs, and requests for referrals. Also available is customized coaching for making sound decisions to guide job and career transitions.

Gen Now Retreat

This interactive, immersive and unmatched professional development retreat brings together 45 rising leaders selected from a highly competitive applicant pool. Curated sessions led by business executives, entrepreneurs and accomplished authors boost knowledge, skills and connections for participants to make a significant impact where they work and live, and to proactively manage their careers and self-care.

The retreat is held annually on the first weekend of November in private settings at three distinctive Berkshire venues—Proprietor’s Lodge, the Lake House Compound and the Country Club of Pittsfield. The 13th Annual DLE Retreat will be held November 4-6, 2022. An announcement for applications will be forthcoming in Fall 2022.

  • Attending the Breakfast Club for the first time, I felt so willing to be a part of the shared experiences that everyone gave in a personal way about their professional lives. There is nothing like the DLE in Brazil. - Lucas Valois, Marketing Analyst, GMC IST
  • Presenting to the Dulye Leadership Experience was particularly enjoyable because the eagerness, authenticity and connectedness of the community was so palpable.  In my experience, finding such a high level of realness and mutual appreciation is a rare thing.  Bravo to DLE on creating a community that really feels like community." - Karden Rabin, Founder of the Stress School and Boundless
  • For those looking to jumpstart career and personal goals this fall, I highly recommend the Dulye Leadership Experience. Linda Dulye has been a great mentor for me and many others since the beginning of this program in 2008." - David Bell, Chief of Staff, Wipro Limited
  • That weekend in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts changed my life. Linda Dulye, as well as, the amazing people she assembled to create the Dulye Leadership Experience, help me find my passion. At the DLE I decided I wanted to become a financial advisor. Over the past two years, Linda and the DLE community have helped me achieved my goal. Now at the age of 24 years. I’m a fully licensed financial advisor studying for his CFA Level 1." - Marcus Coleman, Registered Client Service Associate, Raymond James
  • The DLE Gen Now will help you take your career to the next level, no matter which industry you are in, or how much experience you have. You will be inspired, challenged, and coached by a diverse network of professionals who can offer everything from leadership training to financial advice. You will leave the weekend motivated to prepared to be a better professional and person — and have a whole team of people in your corner, cheering you on and holding you accountable for years to come!" - Danielle Waugh, Investigative Reporter, WPEC
  • I don’t say this often, but the Dulye Leadership Experience was easily one of the most life-altering events to happen in my life. I knew I had the skills needed to be successful, but this weekend-long program was the catalyst for putting it all together and working in a way that allowed me to thrive in not only my professional life but my personal life as well. Over the course of a weekend, I learned how to sharpen my networking skills, be confident around others, learn to keep track of my finances, and how to collaborate and be a valued voice in the room." - Jesse Noll, Manager of Content & Experiences, Wavemaker
  • It never ceased to amaze me how the DLE has been a magnet for people all over the country; all of whom share a similar desire to build community, experience growth and give back." - Cam Besse, DLE Advisory Board Member, Account Executive, Berkshire Fairfield Insurance Agency
  • The openness and willingness of the DLE community to connect with new members, encourage them to do their best, and support them during these trying times has been invaluable.  In a world where we can mostly only connect with people virtually this year, I have never felt alone nor isolated thanks to the wonderful DLE community." - Kaled Rocha, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • As difficult as this year has been for so many of us, when we can take some time and find something good in our lives, it totally makes a world of difference.  Thank you for all the work you do!  I can say the DLE has been such a wonderful experience in my life this year - for that I am very thankful!" - Nicole Hall, Advanced ILS Technician, General Dynamics Mission Systems
  • I really look forward to the 10-second poll results in the HUB newsletter.  I believe it helps keep the pulse on what is happening with the DLE community and is a quick litmus test.  I like it so much, I have done it with my own organization.  I appreciate the help and only wish I had found DLE earlier in my career." - Nicole Ferry, Special Agent in Charge, CSX Police Department
  • For years, I've been blessed by the energy, community, and camaraderie of the DLE network.  While networking and learning opportunities have always been high quality, it's truly the people who make it such a special experience." - Dr. Andrea Lein, PHD, Clinical Psychologist, and DLE Retreat Faculty Member
  • I had tons of fun on the Breakfast Club zoom.  Hearing from such interesting people was fantastic and it sounds like the DLE experience has been transformative for many." - Tim Goggins, Associate Dean of Admissions at Blair Academy
  • My mission in life is to serve and pour inspiration and motivation into people daily.  The DLE provided a platform to share my story among entrepreneurs and professionals from all different backgrounds at the Breakfast Club." - Lou Alexander, CEO/Founder of BIG A88 JOGGER
  • The DLE is centered around the connections between interesting people and impactful conversations." - Nicole Hall, Advanced Integrated Logistics Support Technician, General Dynamics Mission Systems
  • Linda Dulye is the real deal creating community and adding value to our lives as professionals.  If you could benefit from a safe space for mentoring which will help you troubleshoot and navigate the real world after college, join the DLE community." - Nayma Silver, Founder & Executive Director, Project Beauty Experience Inc.
  • When invited to speak at the DLE Breakfast Club, I was immediately excited when I learned that we would be meeting virtually at 7AM.  I am a firm believer that early birds get the worms and it was just that.  Everyone was attentive, curious and genuinely cared about my story and advice.  Many of the participants were still on the video call an hour after we finished the formal program just to ask questions and soak up knowledge.  What a wonderful community, experience and initiative to inspire our next generation of thinkers and entrepreneurs of all ages!  Much love and respect to Linda Dulye for curating such a safe, diverse and thoughtful space for the community. " - Derrell Smith, Former NFL Player, Owner of 99EATS, Creator of Amazeballs
  • Thank you so much for bringing me into your wonderful community.  It was such a pleasure to be there and see what an amazing group you've cultivated.   Whenever I chat or speak, it is always centered around fitness, and it was such a change-up for me to be able to talk about risk-taking in business!" - Gina DiNapoli, Founder/Owner, JABS by Gina
  • I look forward to Friday Mornings with the DLE Breakfast Club.  I love waking up, making a coffee and tuning into a new topic that I can learn and grow form.  The sense of community, even virtually, is what keeps me coming back for more." - Beth Gilbert, Youth Case Manager, 18 Degrees